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At MK Fabrics, we embrace a legacy steeped in the rich tapestry of textiles, intertwining tradition with innovation to offer a curated collection of premium fabrics. Founded with a passion for quality and a vision to redefine the textile experience, we pride ourselves on being a destination where every thread tells a story.

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Our story

We M.K. Fabrics-Since 1983, Kollam have served our prestigious customers for over 37 years being committed in giving the finest garments and designs of the highest quality standard and style.

Our mission has always been to optimize the expertise and expression of our artisans and suppliers to innovative styles that surpass the limitations of fashion trends to become classics.We have always strived to give our customers the best in trendy garments. We cater to the needs of all Young & Old in traditional and modern styles. Be it a man or woman, boy or girl, infant or teenager, MK Fabrics is a place to choose your garments. We have large collection of Original Kanchipuram, Banaras, Dharmapuram, Arni Wedding Sarees. We stock garments & fabrics that suit your mood and your need, whether you need Formals (both ethnic and modern) or Casuals

Our Philosophy

Quality products Quality Services

Quality, integrity, and customer satisfaction form the core of our ethos. We believe in fostering lasting relationships with our clients, providing not just premium fabrics but also a seamless shopping experience. Our team of experts, driven by a shared passion for textiles, endeavors to assist and guide our patrons through their creative ventures.


Super Quality Products

We stand by our commitment to deliver unparalleled quality in every thread, ensuring our customers experience nothing less than exceptional craftsmanship and premium textiles.


Professional Fashion Style

Our curated collection embodies sophistication, offering styles that resonate with the modern professional's aesthetic while embracing classic allure, ensuring every garment tells a story of refined taste and enduring style.


Trusted Many Artist

Our commitment to quality and variety has made us the go-to destination for artists seeking premium textiles that fuel their creative vision. Join the ranks of artists who rely on MK Fabrics for their masterpieces.

Our Manager's Words

“Our success is a collaborative tapestry woven from the dedication and hard work of each team member at every level. Their relentless commitment and unwavering enthusiasm have been the cornerstone of our achievements. As we navigate challenges and celebrate victories, our team’s unity and shared vision propel us toward continuous growth and innovation. Together, we stand poised to conquer new horizons, armed with determination and a collective drive to redefine excellence in our industry.”

We Have More -- Years Of Fashion Artist Experiences

Beyond our commitment to premium textiles, we also take pride in our responsibility towards sustainability. Our efforts encompass ethical sourcing practices, reducing environmental impact, and supporting initiatives aimed at a more sustainable future for the textile industry.

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Join the Fabric Journey

From budding designers to seasoned artisans, MK Fabrics invites you to join us on a journey that celebrates the artistry of textiles. Explore our diverse collection, immerse yourself in the world of quality fabrics, and experience the embodiment of craftsmanship at MK Fabrics.

Welcome to MK Fabrics—where every thread weaves a story, and every fabric tells a tale of excellence and dedication.

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